Kelsey Osteen

Manager & Head Hair Stylist

What Inpsires You?

To hear the strength of each woman that I get the privilege of interacting with every day. I am passionate about the career-driven women who learn how to balance work and relationships well. Therefore, I seek to provide an encouraging environment where they feel loved and motivated. Encountering their inside and out beauty challenges me to grow inside and out.

I'm also inspired by celebrity hairstylists and new and trending hair colors and techniques. I love staying up-to-date on what my clients need and desire to feel beautiful.

A bride on her wedding day is probably one of my favorite moments as a hairstylist. It’s an honor to celebrate in one of her happiest days and make her feel elegant and flawless for her groom.

What is your Story?

Before moving to Greenville, SC, I had over 4 years of experience in Palm Beach as a hair stylist.

In 2015 I was honored to create my own business and environment where women could feel loved and beautiful. It was a unique, creative place where women felt challenged and inspired. I enjoy teaching my clients how to style and care for their hair at home, as I would in the salon.

One of my greatest rewards is building long-lasting relationships with my clients. I now have the honor to work alongside my sister to create a passionate environment where women can express who they want to be while surrounded by hope and love!