Alexandra Reyes

Eyelash Artist

What Inpsires You?

My inspiration comes from the reactions of every woman that I give the mirror to at the end of their appointment. To know that I get to enhance their features and make them feel more than just pampered but also confident and empowered. This industry is forever evolving and seeing new trends being set, and learning the techniques that come with that unlock my creativity.

What is your Story?

I was born here in Greenville, SC. I have traveled a lot and even lived in Canada for a period. My interest in the beauty industry started early with painting my own nails and drawing cute designs on them. In middle school, I would take my mom's makeup to school, being careful not to lose it so she wouldn’t find out. After graduating high school, I started in a salon locally doing hair and shortly realized my passion for eyelash extensions. I have fallen in love with the art and the meticulousness of what lashes bring and have enjoyed every day of my career. My passion is to have every woman that comes to me leave feeling the best she has ever felt about herself. That truly fills my heart with so much joy and happiness.

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