Hair Extensions at The Beautiful Co. Salon

Our clients are in love with our premium hair extensions for the extra length, volume, instant highlights, ease of styling, and all the time saved by having a few extra great hair days. We intentionally focus on only the two best and healthiest permanent hair extension methods, which have proven over the years to provide the most reliable results and experience for our clients. This level of focus enables our professional team of stylists to truly become specialists, quickly going deeper into the details of customizing and refining the methods based on your unique situation.

Our perfect client is looking for 100% all natural human remy hair extensions, perfectly matched and blended seamlessly with their existing hair, with the flexibility to style their hair up or down while the hair extensions remain invisible.

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Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions are full rows of weft extensions that are hand sewn to your existing hair using a technique that makes them the healthiest and best method for a dramatic change.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions at The Beautiful Co. Salon

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions are strands of 350-375 hairs, individually fused with heat to your existing hair using a dissolvable keratin bond. Fusion Extensions stand out when it comes to invisibility and flexibility of styling.

Keratin Fusion Extensions at The Beautiful Co. Salon