Brooke Drake

Eyelash Artist

What Inpsires You?

This season of my life, stay-at-home mommas have my utmost respect, as I never understood how incredibly demanding it was until the day my son was born. Moms that work outside the home, or inside, really speak to me because of how much of themselves they have to give, every minute of the day. Hearing their stories inspires me to be the best mom I can be. I want to emulate the givers in my life for my clients. Many of them have gone above and beyond for me over the years, in ways that can only be described as incredible. I want my clients to feel as if I have done just that for them, every time we meet.

What is your Story?

I was born and raised in Phoenix, and began my career as an Esthetician in Denver, 2012. I specialized as an Arch Expert, perfecting clients brow shapes and sizes. I then found the Lash Industry, and immediately knew that I had found my calling. I was fortunate enough to train across the country with 7 different lash companies, ensuring that I learned everything I possibly could about the industry. I ran my own lash and brow business in Maine, where I became an educator for an internationally renowned lash company. I moved to the Upstate with my husband in September 2019, where I fell in love with Greenville, and all it has to offer. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have been blessed with, and look forward to building relationships with some amazing women.

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