Emily Wilson

Eyelash Artist

What Inpsires You?

My kids inspire me so much every day to always strive to achieve greatness and do and be the very best person I can be for them. I will never take for granted being able to pour love and beauty into every lady that sits in my chair. We bond, connect, I am their therapist, their friend, and most of all when they get up and look in the mirror THEY FEEL BEAUTIFUL!!! That is extremely inspiring and gratifying for me.

What is your Story?

I was born and raised in Greenville, SC, but I ended up moving all around for my former career in training horses. I rode and trained horses professionally for over 12 years and was involved in the industry for 30 years. As my life was evolving, I always knew that if I wasn’t training horses, I wanted to be in the beauty industry. This led me to pursue and receive my Esthetician License and Lash Extensions Certificate. I managed a few medical spas in Atlanta and Chattanooga, where I did lashes as well as medical procedures. Prior to The Beautiful Co. Salon, I was with Venice Lash, catering to my beautiful clients and learning everything I could from the leadership, which I am so grateful for!

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