Hair Stylist Jobs at The Beautiful Co.

The Beautiful Co. is a high-end boutique salon offering hair and lash services in downtown Greenville, SC. We started serving Greenville in 2017 and continue to seek experienced hair stylists who are a fit with our values and goals.

What Makes Us Different

Owner Operated

We are a small business run by a young family, and we are physically in the salon on most days. There is no middle management and your voice and feedback will directly impact the future of the business.

Experience First

Every decision we make is to improve or protect the client experience. This means that we will stay "small" and never grow beyond a single location.

  • Our stylists don’t double book.
  • We keep a staff of three full-time Front Desk team members to serve our clients and team.
  • We offer complimentary coffee drinks and snacks to clients.

Sustainable Growth

Staying small doesn’t mean that we aren’t growing. We acquired a Lash team in 2020, and have grown our revenue 400% since 2017. We continue to drive growth through traditional and creative methods.

Team Mentality

We don’t have a booth rent option, and that means that everyone is in this together. When you have an emergency and can’t take care of your clients, our other team members are always willing to assist. All of our stylists have at least 5 years experience behind the chair, and most have 10 or more. We share experience, lessons, and tips freely without any competition.

What We Offer

Focus on your Clients

We handle all scheduling, communication, checkout, cleaning, marketing, and anything else that would take your focus away from connecting with your clients and providing above-and-beyond services.

No Additional Charges

We cover all education, supplies, and expenses.

We Fill Your Books

We will provide all clientele and can confidently guarantee 80% of scheduled time will be booked from your first day taking clients.

Compensation and Benefits

  • We start our stylists at 40% commission for services for the first 12 weeks.
  • After 12 Weeks, commission can range anywhere from 40-55%. We use a sliding scale according to key metrics.
  • Our stylists make at least $55 per hour pre-tax including all commissions and tips.
  • Retail commission is 15%.
  • All of our team members are paid weekly and are W2 employees.
  • We pay 40% of Medical, Dental, and Vision for team members working at least 28 hours per week.
  • 401k plans available to all team members.
  • Our hair stylists also get deeply discounted Lash Services from our Lash Team.

Our Ideal Team Member

  • Kind!
  • Has Humility
  • Puts Customer Experience First
  • Prefers Working and Growing with a Team
  • Values Excellence


  • Consult with clients to help decide their ideal look.
  • Cutting, coloring, and styling hair.
  • Perform scalp massages.
  • Match clients needs with hair care product solutions.
  • Develop an ongoing personal relationship with clients.
  • Adhere to salon safety and cleanliness standards.

Details and Requirements


We require all our stylists to be actively licensed in South Carolina and have at least 5 years of experience behind the chair.


We prefer our hair stylists to work no more than around 30 hours per week. A normal day for any of our stylists is back-to-back. We can always schedule breaks as needed.


We take mandatory breaks for the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Any other time off is at your discretion and will need to be approved at least three weeks in advance. Vacation time will usually be approved with additional hours worked before and/or after the vacation to best serve clients.

Hair Stylist Job Application

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