Jordan Tafta

Hair Stylist & Bridal Specialist

What Inpsires You?

I can remember it so clearly — running downstairs as fast as my 3-year-old legs would carry me that Christmas morning, ripping open that Fischer Price plastic lipstick, and applying it meticulously, as if plastic could leave a stain on my tiny lips. My parents stared, perplexed. How had I ever come to love "all things beauty" with such fervor? My mom, a self-proclaimed tomboy, will always choose jeans over dresses, boots over heels, chapstick over lipstick. She enabled me to fall in love with teaching her and others how to style their hair and makeup. Now I pass that love onto all of my clients!

I am inspired by the stories of guests who sit in my chair. I love the light and happiness in my client’s eyes when I hold up the mirror to show them the “final product,” especially brides! I am always truly honored to be chosen for such a special day!

What is your Story?

After 6 years of professional experience in the salon and bridal hair styling and makeup industry, I specialize in bridal and special event hair styling and airbrush makeup application. I am a certified hair color specialist and have completed a barber apprenticeship. My experience has given me a well-rounded education in precision haircutting and techniques like foil highlights and balayage. I understand the importance of skin tone in color selection and face shape in color placement. Having the opportunity to work on film and commercial print projects has allowed my work to be featured in publications like Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, and a few short films.